According to information provided by her family, the Moroccan Occupation Authorities are not going to investigate the death of Minatu, a young woman who was murdered in Occupied Dakhla during the night of Saturday 14th October 2017. Her family and other witnesses have explained that Aminatou Mohamed Chej went missing that evening having left home to buy a few things in a shop local to their house. When she didn’t return, her family began looking for her, first of all at the houses of other relatives. The family reported her disappearance to the Occupation Authorities having found no trace of her. Continue reading

Morocco must take urgent action to stop the suffering of Saharawi prisoners and their families

The Moroccan authorities have spent decades imprisoning Saharawis who support self-determination in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara. They then send detainees to prisons in Morocco, thus depriving them of their basic rights such as family visits, medical attention and opportunities to study. Continue reading

Adala UK takes part in Geneva Human Rights Council session

Adala President, Sidi Ahmed Alyadasi, will take part in the 6th meeting of the 36th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to express Adala UK’s concerns over the deterioration of the human rights situation in the Occupied Territories of Western Sahara and explain the terrible increase in violence against and the vulnerability of the Saharawis living there.

Adala UK aims to meet with representatives of member states and UN special representatives to offer an update on issues relating to human rights in occupied Western Sahara.

Representatives of member states and many NGOs will participate in the session. A Saharawi delegation is taking part, made up of activists from the Occupied Territories, the Refugee Camps and the Saharawi Diaspora.

The UN Human Rights Council has three regular sessions a year, taking place over ten weeks (four weeks in March, three weeks in June and three weeks in September), where human rights around the world are discussed.

Adala UK condemns Morocco’s brutal repression of protests in El Aaiun

London, 21/09/2017

The Moroccan occupation authorities have allowed the police and security forces in the Occupied Zones of Western Sahara to use excessive force against Saharawi protesters.

The Royal Moroccan Government must end the violence against Saharawi civilians and when any members of the security forces are found to have violated people’s human rights, they must be brought to justice.

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Adala UK condemns arbitrary detention of young Sahrawi Hamza Al Ansari

Moroccan authorities have detained Hamza Al Ansari, who is known as an activist who regularly participates in peaceful demonstrations, demanding self-determination for Western Sahara. He was detained for trying to join a group of Saharawis who wanted to celebrate the freedom of ex-prisoners of the ‘Gdeim Izik’ group in the Western Saharan capital last Friday, and transferred to the ‘black prison’ in El Aaiun. Continue reading

The trial of the Gdiem Izik Group of Saharawi political prisoners is a clear example of the failings of the judicial system in the Kingdom of Morocco; a system that is neither just nor independent. 

The long sentences imposed on each of the political prisoners reflects the practice of the Moroccan authorities to continually ignore national and international legislation.

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Calls for the immediate release of soldier Ahmed Aliouat: victim of racism and an unfair trial

On 4 July, Ahmed Aliout was sentenced to life imprisonment by Moroccan military court. Ahmed is a soldier of Saharawi origin in the Moroccan army and was accused of communicating with ‘the enemy’ via social media networks. His case represents a cruel human rights violation and a huge miscarriage of justice.  Continue reading